Need Moving Supplies? We can help.

Whether you are moving cross-country or simply packing up your goods to bring them to Private Mini Storage, you need boxes and packing supplies. As your neighborhood U-Haul specialist, we offer the same supplies as they do. And, like U-Haul, we offer a 100% buy-back guarantee on all unused moving boxes with receipt.

Professional Packing Boxes

Well-made packing boxes are your key to a successful move. We have a wide assortment of sizes to protect all your belongings. Purchase plenty of boxes for your move, without fear of buying too many. You may return any un-used box for a 100% refund with receipt.

Packing Pro Tips!


The Couch

Stand your couch on end in the moving van. Remove the cushions and stack those boxes where the cushions used to be. The back-board of your couch is about 36” high – just right to accommodate a stack of packed boxes.


The Dolly

Get a dolly when you purchase boxes and moving supplies. No need to lug each box individually to the van. Load all those things on a dolly from Private Mini Storage and make moving day a breeze.

We have everything you need for a successful move – boxes, tape, bubble wrap, marking pens, labels, packing paper, and lots more. We take credit cards too!

You Can’t Make a Mistake with our 100% Refund Guarantee on Boxes

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